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    MagShift Overview

    NEW Heusinkveld Product MagShift

    Name MagShift 


    GTIN 8719689204419

    The most versatile sequential shifter on the market. Patented magnetic shift system, individually adjustable upshift, downshift and overall force. High forces (up to 11kg at the lever) from a compact design, reliable shift detection with opto-electronic sensors. Configure up to 10 fully customizable outputs using the gear lever and the 3 extra buttons with SmartControl.

    Feel the gears click into place with the innovative magnetic shift system.

    MagShift is the perfect sequential shifter for rally cars, GT’s, touring cars and classic racing. Upgrade your simulator with the most versatile shifter available, packed with extra features.

    Heusinkveld MagShift is a large, GT-style sequential shifter packed with extra features. The compact base-unit houses the innovative magnetic shift system which simulates the feel of an actual gear clicking into place.

    The magnetic shift system is 3-way adjustable. The overall force, upshift force and downshift force can all be set individually. This for example allows you to set a firm upshift and soft downshift if you wish to do so.

    Set your preferred peak force anywhere between 4,5 and 11kg. At the firmest setting you’ll be able to simulate the shifter forces as experienced in real race cars.

    The graph shows the shifter force for any position of the lever at the softest, medium and hardest MagShift setting.

    Sensors & Electronics
    Opto-electronic sensors are used to detect shifts. This means that there is no wear on electronic components, ensuring reliable operation for years to come. The system is plug-and-play, after connecting MagShift via USB you can immediately assign functions in your favorite simulator software.

    Mini button box
    Be in control with the 3 extra buttons in the base of the MagShift. Buttons can be assigned to any available function in your favourite simulator software.

    Extra functions can be unlocked when you install Heusinkveld SmartControl software. With SmartControl, you can set up to 10 fully customizable outputs using the lever and the 3 buttons. You can trigger multiple outputs simultaneously, delayed or independently from a single input.

    With Heusinkveld SmartControl you have the option to expand the outputs of the lever and the 3 extra buttons to a total of 10 fully customizable outputs. You can configure and customize the outputs using the easy-to-use editor in SmartControl.

    For every single input you can configure a primary and secondary output. An output can be a selectable joystick button or any keyboard keystroke (including modifier keys such as Shift, Ctrl, Alt etcetera).

    The primary and secondary output can be triggered simultaneously, delayed or independently. The functions are time-bound. How long you press a button or push/pull the lever determines whether the primary, secondary or both outputs are triggered.

    You may want to use different settings depending on the car of software you drive. You can store different settings into a profile and change them with a few mouse clicks.

    Shared profiles with other SmartControl compatible products
    If you have other Heusinkveld products which use SmartControl, it is possible to create a single profile which includes multiple SmartControl compatible Heusinkveld devices. This allows you to change MagShift, Handbrake and pedal settings all at once.

    SmartControl Live
    SmartControl Live is software which is designed to run in the background while using your simulator. It allows you to switch between profiles created using SmartControl while driving. With MagShift, a possible use case would be to change the direction of up- and downshifts and the touch of a button.

    If you want to learn more about SmartControl & SmartControl Live, make sure to check out the overview.

    Every MagShift comes with a U-shaped mounting bracket which makes mounting the shifter to your simulator super easy.

    The U-brackets mounts to your simulator with just 2 bolts, ensuring a narrow profile of the overall installation. The MagShift is then attached to the bracket.

    When mounted onto aluminium profiles, the MagShift only requires a single profile slot for mounting.

    Mounting adjustments & dimensions
    The mounting bracket allows for several adjustments to fine-tune the position of your MagShift.

    Yaw adjustment: by rotating the U-bracket relative to the mounting platform.

    Height adjustment: by choosing any of the 3 horizontal rows of mounting holes in the U-bracket.

    Tilt adjustment: by choosing any diagonal combination of the mounting holes in the U-bracket.

    The height of the MagShift (from the bottom of the mounting bracket to the top of the lever) is as follows.

    36,2 cm (14,25 in) when installed in the lowest position.

    37,7 cm (14,84 in) when installed in the highest position.

    The full mounting dimensions for MagShift can be seen here (all dimensions in mm).

    Mounting materials
    Mounting materials are supplied in order to attach the MagShift to most common simulator platforms. A selection of bolts (2 lenghts) and nuts (flange nuts and guided I-type slot 8 T-nuts) are included in the package. This makes installing the MagShift, especially onto aluminium profiles, super easy.

    Do you need a sequential shifter for sim racing?
    Most modern racing cars in Formula 1 use paddle shifters, but if drive rally simulations, GT cars, touring cars or classic car racing a sequential shifter is an absolute must. With the versatile Heusinkveld MagShift, you’ll be able to simulate any kind of race car and really immerse yourself in the racing action.

    And if you like rallying and drifting, then you will also be interested in a handbrake.

    What is the best sequential shifter for simracing?
    Heusinkveld MagShift is the most versatile sequential shifter on the market. Upshift, downshift and overall force are all individually adjustable. The Heusinkveld MagShift provides a realistic shift feel just like in real race cars. You can feel the gears click into place with the patented magnetic shift system. Additionally the Heusinkveld MagShift provides an mini button box in close proximity to the shifter lever. You can configure up 10 fully customizable outputs with Heusinkveld SmartControl.

    Will Heusinkveld MagShift work on PS4 or Xbox One?
    The Heusinkveld MagShift is designed to work on PC/Windows systems only.

    How to install Heusinkveld MagShift?
    The installation of Heusinkveld simracing products is very simple. You can mount the MagShift to your simulator in just a few steps. The included Quick Start Guide will help you get going with the installation. Or even easier, follow our video tutorials. The MagShift is Plug & Play – connect the USB-cable and you’re ready to race.

    Is MagShift Plug & Play?
    The MagShift is plug-and-play. The shifter works with 5 outputs straight out of the box (upshift, downshift and 3 button outputs). If you want to use 10 fully customizable outputs, you need to download and use Heusinkveld SmartControl.

    Is Heusinkveld MagShift a certified product?
    Heusinkveld MagShift has passed EMC compliance testing. CE certification is currently being finalized.

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