What's the difference between our Aluminum Profile Rigs?

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Another day, another blog. This time around we will go through our catalog of aluminium extruded profile cockpits!

We already discussed the premise and purpose of prefabricated or tubular design cockpits, their strengths and weaknesses and now we can move to discussing their alternatives that share many similarities but where prefabricated cockpits had their weaknesses, aluminium profile cockpits turn them around to strengths.


Let's start our today’s journey with our base cockpit, our lowest cost proposition for an aluminium profile cockpit, TR80-LITE. It’s a cockpit that was designed with cost reduction measurements in mind to enable more people with tighter budgets to get those for themselves.



TR80-LITE comes with a standard wheel deck plate which offers very high compatibility with many popular wheel bases and great clearance underneath so even taller people can enjoy the cockpit comfortably!

As a cost optimization process seat slider is optional extra and the pedal assembly has been changed to offer the same strength as its bigger brother TR80 MK5, but for lesser adjustability that still should be plenty enough for most people.

Having a shifter arm and bracket as an optional extra you can customize your setup to your liking and budget limits so you can enjoy sim racing for real instead of sitting next to a desk with a clamp and pedals on the floor or carpet! :D

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TR80 MK5


TR80 has started as the entry point to the aluminium profile portfolio many years ago and has seen many iterations every since with the latest one being MK5 which coincided with our first ever release of our TR-One design family for wheel mounts which has added a new dimension to the cockpit which with the many other improvements and refinements has made the TR80 MK5 arguably the best in class cockpit for above entry level cockpits.


Its unique design for the pedal assembly allows you to get extreme angles and height changes to your heart’s desire. Despite its smaller base profiles, it can easily handle many mainstream smaller DD wheels. It’s a great choice for people who wish to get fantastic adjustability without the need to get anything bigger, beefier due to their equipment.

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Many of our fans remember that a few years back we only had TR80 and TR160 on the aluminium profile front. Both were hugely popular but we thought they needed a cousin so to speak. Something that would breach the gap between them and also use the opportunity to not only make it look unique but also have a very pragmatic reasoning behind some solutions.



What do I mean? You probably noticed a funky looking curvy connector at the base near the seat. Not only does it make the whole cockpit look more beefy, athletic but breaks the straight lines a little which adds to the artistic look of it.

What is the pragmatic reason why this solution also provides benefits? You get smaller, shorter boxes which are easier to carry and many carrier services place surcharges on boxes that exceed certain limits of weight or dimensions and TR120 won’t apologize for trying to make it easier for our fans to obtain it by lowering the total cost of the purchase!

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TR160 MK4

The last but not least is our top of the line TR160. Cockpit of choice for people who don’t want to settle for anything else but the best, top shelf, strongest.

That’s the sole purpose of the TR160 from the conception where it was created to over deliver on what was expected of it.


To get there many iterations of TR160 have been created and we are in its 4th version which brings all the findings, feedback and refinements to its design, packaging and functionality to provide the best experience for the money which we tried absolute hardest to get as competitive as possible.



The size of base profiles and the wide uprights give the cockpit extremely high rigidity headroom which comes handy when you wish to throw the best of the best at it regarding pedals like high end hydraulic pedals or top level direct drive wheels like Simucube 2 Ultimate which can peak at 32 Nm. Value that would shake many cockpits to bits will not make TR160 break a sweat.

There are plenty of accessories for all of the cockpits mentioned above and you have created your own battlestation by adding accessories like mouse tray, keyboard shelf, monitor stand that can be either standing beside the cockpit or even connected to its uprights with up to 4 monitors. Possibilities are limitless.

The development for any of the cockpits in our offer never ceases and continuous R&D and feedback given by our loyal fanbase will definitely spring the next versions that will be even better.

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Take a look at our many accessories that you can filter by model and get your dream setup ordered as soon as you are ready! 

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