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It’s been a while, hasn’t it? We are back with another post about what Trak Racer has been up to so you can be up to speed with recent events and developments!

We are teaming up with the Winners Circle project who is a non profit org that is building out a school program for kids to learn car building. They are branching into the sim space and developed a program using rFactor 2 where the schools can mod their cars, input the data and develop their cars accordingly. 

All of the schools will have full turnkey Trak Racer rigs to facilitate this project of educating young, talented people to expand knowledge, provide resources to grow potential and utilize talents!


rFactor 2 is a fantastic simulation platform which allows for almost infinite possibilities of car development inside the simulation with human in loop. It allows to build robust suspension geometries, develop aerodynamic maps, engine performances, tires can be built from scratch using real data like their thermodynamical properties to ensure absolute accuracy between the simulation and the reality.

Team of modders from "Storm Gang Simulation" are helping out with this development to speed up the progress in development.


Here is our TR US team almost getting lost in the Big Apple

This whole project has aquired some outside help and partnership with Chris Dyson, an American professional racing driver who cometed with Dyson Racing team in American Le Mans from 2002 to 2013 and later in Trans-Am Series.


If you wish to contribute too and help out this project you can do so here:


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