Trak Racer TRX cockpit presented by Alpine F1 Team Driver Esteban Ocon

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Trak Racer started its life back in 2008 when it was just a dream of our CEO Matt Sten with no guarantee of success.

Modest beginnings have laid foundations to Trak Racer of year 2022 where Trak Racer is a global company with big, loyal fanbase and for that we are eternally grateful, as without all of you, we wouldn’t be here.

That growth which all of you have been part of over all these years has lead to plenty of opportunities and our biggest one yet has been announced about a year ago when we shared the news of our collaboration with Renault then Alpine F1 team to create a new generation cockpit that blends both sim and real racing together in a perfect unity.

Over many months of long discussions plans were drawn out with our colleagues from Alpine F1 team which lead to a steady development of Trak Racer TRX, our brand new hybrid Formula/GT tubular frame cockpit with unparalleled ergonomics and sturdiness.

Both Alpine’s engineers and Alpine Academy drivers have contributed into the development of the cockpit and its results will become public during TRX’s official premiere later this year.


Our whole team at Trak Racer who have worked extremely hard behind the scenes are itching to get all these brand new cockpits to you as soon as possible and hear your feedback on it!

We are extremely proud of what have been done during the development process and we are now working on refining it so you will receive a passion project that was only possible thanks to joint work from entire TR team and members of Alpine F1 team!

Esteban Ocon, BWT Alpine F1 team driver, was involved in testing the cockpit during its development period and had plenty of positives to speak about TRX already:

„I do think think professional driver can improve playing on simulators and racing sims. One way of getting into motor racing. I know quite a few drivers that have done this in the past”

„I think the TRX compared to an F1 simulator is as good as you can have at home.”

We already feel the buzz in the air and we hope you will hear it more and more the closer we get to the release of the TRX!

Watch the video presenting the TRX, inviting you to pre-order by F1 Driver Esteban Ocon who is already keen on getting one for his home to keep his skills sharp.

„I do want the TRX Trak Racer. Definitely!”

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