Trak Racer on the track yet again - Canadian GP 2023

Have you tuned your TV or your PC with F1tv live stream on last GP weekend? We sure hope so because not only the racing was superb with close battles, daring overtakes and thrills of not knowing if we can get a reshuffle due to weather conditions gave us goosebumps!

However that’s not the only reason why we felt them.

It was also because we saw this:

Trak Racer in the spotlight again at Formula 1 Canadian GP!

That’s right, our precious partner, BWT Alpine F1 Racing team has been shown on live coverage plenty of times with Trak Racer branding on its mirror supports!

Nothing fills our motorsport hearts pumping gasoline with more warmth than seeing the hard work of the team get on the forefront of the biggest motorsport events in the world.

The weekend started off with some quirks causing the Free Practice 1 to be cut short due to CCTV cameras malfuntioning so we didn't get to see much running on track but the FP2 gave us some action with dry running which switched to damp conditions for the last couple of minutes of the session. With both Alpine cars finishing the session on P10 and P18.
The very wet conditions of Free Practice 3 on Saturday made things a bit more spicy for drivers and fans as drivers were struggling for grip and confidence but it hasn't stopped Pierre to get his car up to P6 and with Esteban finishing back in P19 with limited running contributing to that.
Qualifying was a sheer spectacle of weather, luck and driver skill behind a wheel and choosing the right timing as the weather changing all the time it caught some drivers off guard and they didn't advance to Q2, like it was for Pierre who sadly didn't get through but for Esteban it was a very successful running with P6 result in Q3 session!
Hard fought race brought a P8 and P12 result for our partner BWT Alpine F1 team which is a good stepping stone for better results in the next races as more updates for the car are rolled in to improve performance and driveability of both A523 cars!

We hope to see more of that on the live feed as this gives us the kick of energy that helps us chase the targets even harder.


That’s all for this one! Make sure to check out the rest as more are coming!



We are blessed to have the partnership so fruitful and exciting as with BTW Alpine F1 Team which shows not only the two-way dedication for both motorsport and sim racing but also legitimizes the hobby that we invest so many manhours and free time into. People for a very long time separated the two worlds saying that sim racing and equipment that is used for that hobby is a playground and nothing more. With each year we see examples of such people getting their shot at the real deal and not only entering it but thriving in real life racing categories!


Seeing our name on an actual F1 car during an actual race weekend where 2 cars are roaring around the corners and on straights carrying your name with them is the best way to celeberate that synergy of two realms. If that isn't a reason to celebrate, I don't know what is! Enjoy it everyone both real and virtual racing! They have more in common than meets an eye!


Yours sincerely,

Trak Racer team

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