Trak Racer Hits the Trak Again With Alpine F1

We are awaiting the spectacle of the Las Vegas GP as we will have the chance to see our company branding on the actual F1 car at insanely high speeds going around the most prestigious and well known casinos in the world!

In 2020, we revealed our partnership with (then) Renault F1 team which evolved into BWT Alpine F1 Team we all know now and that partnership has been extremely mutually advantageous. It significantly enhances the importance of sim racing in real-life competitions, as an increasing number of virtual racers showcase their skills on actual tracks alongside professional teams!

From the cooperation our brand new Alpine Racing TRX cockpit was born and has been extremely popular and highly regarded by masses who have bought it already

Tune in this week to see the first Las Vegas Formula 1 race since 1984 and keep an eye open for the TRAK RACER branding on the vehicle.

Trak Racer's Expertise

Trak Racer, a renowned name in the racing simulation industry, brings a wealth of expertise to the partnership. Known for their cutting-edge racing simulators and accessories, Trak racer has been a favorite among professional and amateur racers alike. Their commitment to realism and attention to detail make them the ideal choice for a Formula 1 Team seeking to enhance their training programs.

BWT Alpine F1 Team's Vision

The alpine F1 Team, backed by the success of its illusstrious history and a commitment to excellence, is constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation. With an eye on the future, the team recognizes the importance of simulation in honing the skills of their drivers and ensuring optimal performance on race day. The partnership with trak Racer is a strategic move to leverage the latest advancements in racing simulation technology.

Real racing and virtual racing closer together than ever

With each year the world of F1 is becoming closer to fans using virtual overlays on TV making it look ever so closer to what you see on the screen of your monitor while racing with your friends. New features like driver's eye view introduced not long ago gives you not only a better idea what a driver sees when driving but closes the gap down between a virtual experience of driving around a track on your own with such a view and seeing your favorite driver do the same on your home TV.

With simulators and simulations trying to get all the details of intense racing right and closing on the goal of making you feel like you are actually there visually, sound-wise and finally physics-wise, people who might have never had the chance to experience what it is like to drive a 1000+ HP beast on the most famous tracks in the world. Current motorsport is watching these virtual drivers closely as many of them find their way to the real racing and we all often find out that a fast person on a virtual track is often very fast on a real circuit. That's the ultimate goal for collaborations like the one between Trak Racer and BWT Alpine F1 team, to ensure the best possible equipment for people to get a taste for driving and potentially find another F1 superstar of the future!

Get Ready for the Las Vegas Grand Prix

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