Trak Racer extends its portfolio with Cube Controls products

Cube Controls?! Yes, you heard right.

Cube Controls are the Italian manufacturers of sim racing equipment of which most known are their wheel rims and now their products can be found on our websites globally!

But first! Quick introduction to the company and the products in question!

We are Cube Controls! A team of 16 passionate people who work (and race) hard every day to bring you the best sim racing steering wheels.

Our goal is to give you the thrill of a real motorsport experience, maybe your cars are virtual but the adrenaline is real! It’s all about performance. We want to give you the same excitement of a real-racer and feel the precision of a real steering wheel, for that extra mile, that gear shift at the right time that makes the difference.” - Cube Controls Team

Cube Controls is a well known Italian company that is taking the sim racing market by storm with their top quality products. What are those top quality products? Let's take a tour to have a look at what they have to present and what we will be offering on our websites globally!

Formula F-CORE

Entry tier product is a formula style wheel rim which was very recently introduced under the name F-Core and is a perfect combination of fantastic ergonomics, build quality and value for money.

It is a cheaper cousin to F-Pro wheel which after several modifications can be offered to customers who wish to have a fantastic wheel to play with, without many extra features that are not essential to that person like backlight buttons, rev lights, extra rotary switches and thumb encoders.

Formula F-PRO


Next in line is the previously mentioned F-PRO which was introduced last year and has become one of the biggest sellers for the company thanks to its extremely well thought out design, multitude of features, backlight switches, many extra switches, rotary d-pads and last but not least, you can use this wheel in wireless mode with compatible hardware like Simucube 2! Fantastic option if you don’t wish to have a cable hanging around 😁

Formula CSX-3

From the formula wheel line up there is one more that needs to be mentioned and it’s one of the best wheels available on the market right now. CSX-3 Formula Sim Racing Wheel Rim!

It’s the top tier wheel that any enthusiast would love to have thanks to plethora of features which were also present with the F-PRO but this time it also comes with a touch sensitive screen and LED lights which can be configured to your liking through software like Simhub to show you the information that you really need and want. It’s definitely a marvel to look at, hold and use!

Wheel comes with 4 or 6 paddles (optional) at the back which can be used for multiple functions with bottom ones working as analog switches which are perfect for simulating clutch paddles on a formula car. Gear shift paddles are magnetic for extremely tactile and engaging shift sensation every single time you pull the lever!



GT Sport and GT Pro Wheel Rim

Cube Controls recognizes the desire in many people to get GT shaped wheels too that’s why they offer both GT Sport and GT Pro wheels which offer a magnificent value for the money with top quality materials used.

GT Sport and Pro have plenty in common with only differences being the backlight buttons which can be a good way to customize if you want to have a full bling setup or more understated racing environment.

Last but not least we arrived at their brand new product which was showcased during Sim Racing Expo in Germany and made everyone turn their head.


This new entry in the Cube Controls ecosystem is made to expand your possibilities and provide you with top performances. CNC machined aluminum main body, 100% carbon fiber throttle plate. Customizable in two versions for Formula and GT lovers.

The throttle plate is smooth and robust. The brake with its 200kg load cell ensures rock-solid feedback with several springs and rubber dampers compressible elements available to combine for the perfect setting. Our proprietary software will make the rest, ensuring options for the smoothest calibration.


  • Precision press-fit ball bearings on ALL pivot points
  • CNC machined 6061 and 7075 aluminum main structure
  • Optimized FEM design for a cutting edge flex-free structure
  • Custom brackets with adjustable main pedal body angle in 5° increments


  • Carbon fiber pedal pad faceplate (Only in Formula Version)
  • Adjustable pedal throw by a dedicated knob on the main shaft
  • Easy to reach spring preload adjustment
  • Precision machined main shaft with high wear resistance plating
  • Tolerance machined self-lubricating nylon sleeve for the smoothest operation
  • 16 bit resolution hall sensor
  • USB-C connector for the main control electronics


  • Custom lightweight die-cast pad faceplate with textured grip
  • Fine-tuning spring preload option on the main pedal, and preload ring on the compression elements
  • Precision machined main shaft with high wear resistance plating
  • Custom designed fully hydraulic damper with 8 preload settings
  • Several springs and rubber dampers compression elements available
  • Self-centering springs and dampers washers
  • 200kg precision load cell
  • 16-bit resolution

These new pedals set a new benchmark for how compact, futuristic sets of pedals can look like while providing cutting edge technology like a hydraulic cylinder for the brake pedal which can be adjusted to meet your most demanding expectations for feel and performance to make sim racing so much more pleasurable!

Has this blog made you rub your eyes the entire time? Good, because we have them on our websites right now waiting for you to order!

Yours sincerely,

Trak Racer Team

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