TR120 | Description

Frame/Chassis Features
Unique curved design with Trak Racer proprietary profile connector
Constructed from high quality extruded aluminium
580mm wide and 1,400mm long (including 780mm profile, 500mm profile and Trak Racer's proprietary profile connector)
Low ground clearance with hardwood rubber floor protectors
Finished in black anodized high-quality aluminium

Adjustable Pedal Mount Features - Select your preferred mounting plate
Unique Bracket Design allows you to position the pedal low or in a high position and also slide for fine-tuning
Thick, no-flex Carbon Steel Construction OR Aluminium Profile with included Heel Rest
Pre-drilled mounting points for all major brand pedals OR mount your pedals directly to the profile

Optional Bucket or Recline Seat - Select a Seat and Seat Brackets from the Options

Select from the range of high-quality Trak Racer seats
Premium race-ready high-grade seat with hardback
Adjustable driving position seat
Ergonomically designed for extended periods of use
High-density foam construction
Weight Restrictions: Up to 160kg (352 lbs)
Suggested Waist Size: GT-Style (up to 38"), Rally-Style (up to 44") and Recline seats (up to 50")
Contact Trak Racer for other available seat sizes

Includes all aluminium profiles and mounting gear
The main Chassis is an 8-Slot 120 x 40mm profile
Steering wheel uprights are 8-Slot 120 x 40mm profiles