TRAK RACER is pleased to announce its partnership with World's leading Direct Drive Force Feedback Wheelbase, SIMUCUBE. We are confident that this partnership will benefit the world of esports to a great extent.

TRAK RACER and Simucube's manufacturer, Granite Devices, share the same vision; to deliver the best quality gaming experience without breaking the bank. TRAK RACER, the world's leading brand on racing simulators, has been engineering high-quality simulators and accessories since 2008; and the partnership with Simucube was inevitable. Like Trakracer products, SIMUCUBE uses state-of-the-art technology with precision robotics, industry-grade motors, and proprietary software to create a flawless design.

Juuso Kääriäinen, Granite Devices' Head of Sales, had this to say "Simucube's vision is to create a simulated environment better than real. The partnership with Trak Racer, a world-leading racing simulation company, is a key in our global strategy to spread that vision and make Simucube products available in every continent. Granite Devices and Trak Racer have something in common; The racers' soul"

TRAK RACER has always strived hard to ensure that the world of Esports continues to thrive. And this partnership is a step in that direction. And the sentiments are shared by Simucube leaders too. Both the companies are moving forward with one goal in mind, to provide the users with a realistic experience with powerful simulators and cutting-edge motors.

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