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As all of you know we believe that what we are doing here goes beyond simple fun or even serious sim racing and there is a bigger picture here. Some people buy our cockpits to enjoy relaxing drive in their preferred sim, some buy it because they are really into it and do it every single day. However there are breeds of people that go beyond hobby and consider their cockpit a workplace. One of them are professional sim racers who made a job of their hobby by racing high profile races with big money prizes. The other ones are professional racers who use cockpits to improve themselves. 

We are not alone in thinking like this as our partners at Prive Motorsports LLC had a race in GT America at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.

Here’s a link to a full race!

GT America race at the Circuit of the Americas

They were in first place in their McLaren 570s with Thomas Surgent onboard by a wide margin in GT4 class with one lap to go in Race 1 when a vehicle issue took them out of commission on the last lap.

Truly unfortunate turn of events but the performance shown during the race can spark big hopes for future races!

Next race will be at Virginia International Raceway in the first week of June so make sure to tune in GTWorld channel on youtube for live stream!

The team will use Trak Racer sim cockpits once again to prepare for future events which is showing how increasingly important simulator preparations get in contemporary real life racing where smallest details make up biggest margins.

That’s why we are so proud when we see people use our lovingly crafted products with passion because it may not only be a form of entertainment but also serious tool for real career in motorsport. You might never know when next kid who grew up using Trak Racer cockpits, becomes next world-known superstar in motorsport…

Thinking that we might have been part of it indirectly injects our bloodstream with high octane fuel to improve in every single detail so that sim racing world and real life racing keeps heading towards closing the gap between them.

That’s why we all at Trak Racer wish ever one of you to never regret nor stop chasing a dream because one day you might well catch it by it’s feet.

Because one day we might see your name on the door of a race car like this one:

Or any other that you will end up with.

Our partner Thomas Surgent – President of Prive Motorsports LLC has put faith in us and we did with their team. Don’t wait any longer, if you haven’t at least tried Trak Racer before, maybe now it’s your time!

Good luck in the next race Thomas!

Thank you for visiting us once again to read up on yet another blog post and as always, have fun out there!

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