All You Should Know About Triple Monitor Stand for Your Racing Simulator

Avid gamers are not usually satisfied by a single monitor, curved, ultra-HD, OLED or otherwise. Nope, some gamers even go as far as attaching multiple monitors and there is nothing excessive about it. Furthermore, some users opt for a triple monitor stand. The world of gaming relies on graphics as much as it does on gameplay and a compelling storyline. So, the more eye-candy, the better it is for gamers, even graphic designers and other professionals.

The same is true for virtual racing simulators and while it is more than a game, and more of a niche sport, to enjoy the utmost thrill, avid racers go beyond than just one monitor, often going for triple screen monitors.

A single monitor is easy to setup as you just need to find a table and place the screen there. However, when viewing multiple monitors, you would require something more versatile and adjustable.

This is especially true for a racing simulator as the setup has more than a few components. You would need something triple monitor stand for some fine racing. Just as a simple idea, you can see the tracks on the main screen and configure the monitors on the side to display the rear view mirrors. Interested? Read more and find out about the best triple monitor stands available today.

The Ideal Triple Monitor Setup

A triple monitor setup gives you quite a bit of leeway in figuring out the placement of the multiple monitors, as well as the more technical aspects. The best monitors for triple monitor setup are the flat-screen ones, as you cannot stack up old monitors side by side. Beyond that, the choices are limitless, as you can pick a regular monitor, or an OLED, super crisp curved monitor for an epic triple curved monitor setup. 

Whichever setup you pick, make sure the monitors offer the best viewing angles to lessen the eyestrain. Moreover, make sure every monitor is in arms reach and that you have sufficient space to work with.

Types of Triple Monitor Stands

Basically, there are three different types of triple gaming monitor setup. The details are listed below to give you a better understanding of each category.

Freestanding Base

A freestanding base is exactly what it sounds like; a large, heavy plate that sits on your desk. This structure easy to set up and works with any desk or tabletop, but it is a little on the large side and takes up a bit more space.

C-Clamp Base

A clamp stand uses a C-clamp to mount on the back of your desk. You will need a suitable surface as glass top will crack under the load. Moreover, the edge of the desk needs to be flat on top and bottom.

Grommet Base

The grommet base is typically most base, which relies on mounting the center post through a hole in the desk and securing it on the bottom. This base provides ample adjustability for hassle-free, fingertip positioning of each monitor and is generally pretty stable.

Requirements of a Triple Monitor Setup

The list of requirements would depend on what type of base you prefer and availability of space. Moreover, you should place the base close by so you can manipulate the triple monitor arms to your liking while sitting on your racing seat.

Clamp-on mounts to the side of your desk, while freestanding mounts use their own base to support themselves. Clamp-on mounts take up much less space but require a sturdy table. Freestanding mounts do not require that but eat up a lot more space. Neither of these is better than the other and the idea of the best triple monitor mount comes down to personal taste.

Moreover, onto the software side of the setup, you would need a graphic card capable of handling multiple monitors. Triple monitor capable graphic cards are often the flagship products feature multiple ports for different displays.

Notable Triple Monitor Brands

Let us check out some of the most eminent stands these days!


This mount is capable of holding 3 monitors ranging from 23” to 32” in size with 75x75mm and 100x100mm backside mounting holes. The structure is an all-steel construction and supports 22 lbs per screen.


This Triple Monitor Stand provides a rock solid, free-standing base for people who wish to work with multiple screens. Moreover, this stand features an independent adjustment of each screen for proper ergonomic alignment.

EZM Deluxe

This sturdy, Triple Monitor Stand Desktop Clamp allows users to manage multiple programs simultaneously thus increasing their productivity. It offers users complete flexibility to reposition their monitors for maximum comfort and optimum view ability.

As for the brands in regards to graphic cards manufacture, most Nvidia cards are capable of multiple displays. The most popular ones nowadays are the GTX 970 and RTX 3080. These cards are excellent options for handling driving simulators as they feature multiple displays and excellent graphical capabilities.

The Best Triple Monitor Screens in the Market

TrakRacer has a wide variety of some of the best triple monitor stands on the market, with unmatched durability and features. These monitor stands have been lauded by competitive gamers and professionals as the highest quality gear in the industry. The more technical aspects are provided below in greater detail.


This strand is completely adjustable in height, bracket width and back/forward to allow the monitors to be positioned perfectly. The TrakRacer triple monitor stand allows for up to 90 degrees of swivel and has the strength to support up to 170kgs. Yes, the kit includes 3 VESA mounts and all fixing screws. Also, strong 80mm x 40mm extruded aluminum construction.


TrakRacer black anodized aluminum aim-rig integrated triple monitor stand is for 3 flat and curved monitors and TVs up to 45 inches. TrakRacer Monitor Stands suit most monitors on the market with VESA Mounting Points and come along with a 3-year warranty. This stand can be mounted directly onto an extruded aluminum sim rig with 2 or more rows of T-Slot.


This TrakRacer Monitor Stands is compatible with most monitors on the market with VESA mounting points. The structure features a Strong 2" tube construction, solid floor mounting and comes with rubber floor protectors. Furthermore, a smaller variety of this stand is also available and is capable of holding monitors from 22-32 inches.


TrakRacer TR8 is a triple monitor stand for three monitors (27 - 45") for the curved and flat variety. Moreover, this particular monitor stand suits most monitors on the market with VESA mounting points and comes with an extended warranty. Much like other TrakRacer products, the TR8 is completely adjustable and allows you to angle monitors in and outwards.

That concludes the list of some of the best triple monitor stands on the market. In fact, TrakRacer has multiple stands as illustrated above, for each and every monitor you have, all sizes and what not. To reiterate, the more monitors you have for your racing sim setup, the more immersive your experience will be. The more the merrier, after all.

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