Trak Racer tubular cockpit line-up

Sim Racing rigs don't only come in a shape of a aluminium profiles bonded together?

We are blessed with a huge and loyal fanclub for which we are so grateful as you guys are the reason why we are still here. 

These people are experts of our products and their knowledge is vast, however Trak Racer is gaining market share and we are reaching ever so wider audiences that might never have seen a prefabricated cockpit before and it may be daunting for them to figure it all out by themselves.

Therefore we wish to help everyone understand and bring up to speed with what these rigs are all about.

Let’s start with our entry level product which is often overlooked but shouldn’t, the FS3.

FS3 wheel stand

Its low cost and high value is a perfect starting point for anyone who is interested in getting more serious with flying or driving and a desk is not cutting it anymore. It offers a fantastic bang for a buck and because it allows you to use your office chair as your seat, you can use your super familiar and comfortable chair and enjoy the robustness and ease of use of FS3 wheelstand.

Once you don’t use it, folding it and keeping it in storage is super easy due to the foldable nature of the FS3 wheel stand!

Next up we have our mid-entry level prefabricated, also known as tubular, cockpit, the RS6.


RS6 racing cockpit

The idea behind this cockpit is allowing anyone with a wish to go from a desk to something that was built with sim racing or flight sim in mind.


Heavily revised over the years it has aged like a fine wine and ensures a very good starting point for people who don’t want to use a wheel stand but get something that has a seat and a bit more weight to it to help with strong DD usage.

With time plenty of accessories were added to the RS6 and updated over the years and now getting a very nicely kitted RS6 is very easy and convenient. If you wish to get your RS6 to be easily moveable? There are caster wheels that are perfect for it. Want to add flight sim mounting brackets? We thought of that already and added a possibility to get a RS6 with them already included in our Flight sim section on our websites!

TR8 Pro

Before the TRX was made, our top of the line prefabricated cockpit used to be TR8 which was and still is loved by thousands around the world. Absolute waterfall of comments, reviews, and feedback has led to a lot of development of TR8 and that’s how our latest iteration was born, the TR8 Pro.

The Trak Racer TR8 PRO Racing Simulator


Improvements were done to the pedal mount, whole new monitor mount with integrated monitor stand and brand new wheel mount assembly. All of them are there to address the feedback given by our older and loyal as well brand new customers. 

The reception the TR8 Pro got when it was released was overwhelmingly positive with many praising it's far better rigidity and build quality and there are improvements planned for TR8 Pro still to make it even better in the future.

TR8 Pro is a perfect product for someone who loves the aesthetics of pre-fab cockpit that looks more like a salon piece for decoration rather than an industrial, pragmatic aluminium profile rig. It’s a step up from RS6 in terms of how strong it is and it can support much stronger direct drive wheels without issues and our visit to Sim Racing Expo in December proved to be the case as all of our TR8 Pro cockpits were equipped with Fanatec DD2 wheelbases.


BWT Alpine F1 TRX racing cockpit


If you are not in for half measures and you want to go big while looking extremely beautiful without sacrificing any pragmatic value of your cockpit, there is nothing that comes close to our brand new BWT Alpine F1 Team backed TRX cockpit which has been developed in cooperation with their engineers and academy drivers with Esteban Ocon testing it out too!

TRX features only only state of the art strength, looks but also world class leading functionality and adjustability features which unlike many its competitors is capable of changing the set up from GT layout to F1 seating position with pedals also raised to meet the general position you would get in a real formula car but you can go back to GT layout in mere minute without the need to use any tools. Here you can see how these to layouts present themselves:

GT style seating position

F1 style seating position


All of that paired with our brand new seat which was painstakingly developed with many months of R&D, trial and error, prototyping and finally the seat that our TRX deserves was born!

The shape was influenced by real life drivers involved in design and production of the seat and demanded the highest possible quality regarding the stiffness, comfort and body ergonomics. 

We are very proud of this seat and it is a perfect match for the TRX as many of our customers will surely realize once they get their TRX delivered.

It’s not over for Trak Racer fanclub as we have so much more in store for you!

More products are yet to come and more blogs will surely follow!

In the meantime, we wish you a lovely day and we will be seeing you soon!

Yours sincerely,

Trak Racer Team

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