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Racing Simulator


Virtual sports are rapidly rising in popularity, as each new title, console and technological advancement brings you a realistic sporting experience in the luxury of your home. Currently, in the boom of virtual sports on consoles and computers, racing simulator is fast becoming a must-buy for people looking to enjoy an authentic racing experience, and this is not just for the common person, as professional racers utilize driving simulators to better their driving skills and actually prepare for tournaments.

Moreover, to capitalize on this boom, there racing simulator leagues such as the F1 E-sports Series are hosted annually and the winners are awarded hundreds and thousands of dollars. Want to join this new and understandably addicting craze of racing sim? Read this article and find out how you can get yourself a race simulator setup and go for a ride whenever you please.

Types of Racing Simulator Cockpits

As the starting point, you would need something to mount your wheels and pedals. Sure, you can stamp the pedals onto your chair but a sim racing cockpit provides a cozy seat for you to sit on and makes sure that the wheels and pedals don’t fall off during the middle of a drive. For this, you would need a racing simulator cockpit and a sturdy one at that.

The price of racing cockpits can vary greatly and so the features are different from one racing cockpit to another. The more premium racing cockpits give you an incredibly immersive experience coupled with a comfortable and stress free seating arrangement.

Typically, the best racing sim cockpits have seats to make you feel like you are actually driving in a real car, as well options for adjustable and a comfortable posture so you can drive for hours without fatigue. Furthermore, the best racing simulator cockpits have a sturdy and tough frame to withstand the weight of the person.

Most racing cockpits are usually bare, as in without any extras so you will have to buy said extras. You can even go the extra mile and purchase motion simulators seats which mimic the driving experience by the usage of hydraulics to twist and turn the seat while driving but these are pretty expensive and require much more maintenance than usual.

Ideal Racing Simulator Setups

There are many different options when it comes to setting up a racing simulator. Some people would play purely for entertainment and prefer a simple homemade racing simulator. The more serious players might opt to participate in tournaments and would prefer a more realistic experience.

The first question would be whether you would want to pick up a console or a PC but at the very least, a PS4 Pro or an Xbox One X is the bare minimum when it comes to console gaming. Next comes the display, and the best option in this regard would a ultra wide, curved monitor. The better the graphics, the more pleasing the experience will be for you.

Requirements for a Racing Simulator Setup

Onto the more physical features, the most important part of the racing simulator setup is the racing simulator stand which acts as the foundation. Moreover, you would require a racing sim steering wheel, as no simple keyboard or controller would suffice. Be sure to pick a wheel with force feedback, as one without said feature will fall far short of giving you an authentic racing simulator experience

The same logic applies to the chair you would pick, as an everyday office chair would be an awkward addition. Furthermore, your racing simulator pedals would be falling off without an appropriate structure to strap them onto.

The Cost of a Racing Simulator

As there are numerous products and accessories on the market, prices may vary greatly and the exact figure would depend on what you are looking for. For a starting gig, you can buy a cheap racing simulator package for around $1,000 to 1,200.

On the higher end you are looking at $5,000-$7,500 for an expensive race simulator, and this goes all the way up to $30,000+ for a truly state of the art racing setup meant for professionals and die-hard racing simulator enthusiasts. Once again, the pricing depends on what you are looking for and how far you are willing to go. For the sake of convenience, the following table lists the estimated cost of various sim racing setups.

Cost By Category
Level Estimate Cost
Beginner $1,000 – $1,200
Advanced $5,000– $7,500
Professional $20,000+

Noteworthy Race Simulator titles on Consoles

If you plan on setting up your sim racing on your console then iRacing is not an option as the game is exclusive for home computers. Regardless, there are a number of fantastic racing games on the consoles of today, such as PS4 or PS5 and Xbox. Here is a list of some of the titles available on home consoles.

Project Cars 2

Project Cars 2 features a vast array of cars and tracks, as well as weather mechanics, and with a 24-hour night-dawn-dusk clock. The game also has an active online community, downloadable content, and stunning graphics.

Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa was by a small company called Kunos Simulazioni, and the game is now the gold standard in force feedback. The game lacks in official content but a dedicated online community has made a number of mods on PC. You should definitely want to pick this one up.

Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport is easily the most popular PS4 racing simulator. The game features a wide array of cars and tracks and even an online racing championship sanctioned by the FIA.

This list is by no means exhaustive, as one can find numerous PS3 racing simulator, despite the console being dated. The same goes for Microsoft fans as there are various racing simulator for the Xbox one and Xbox 360. Furthermore, you can dive into different genres across home consoles and computers so be sure to pick up a few drag racing simulator games just to get a different thrill.

Notable Racing Simulators

Let's check out some of the racing simulators that made a name for themselves!

CxC racing simulator

CXC Motion Pro II is compatible with a variety of games, racing sims including Simraceway. In fact, when outfitted its rig with a wind simulator, a pair of speed-sensitive fans that blow air across the driver's face as the virtual car moves faster through the simulation.

Vesaro racing simulator

The Vesaro I is an advanced modular simulation system that reaches the peak of training and entertainment. It is based on an strong core center options for upgrades and that allow for thousands of possible rig setups.

Conquer racing simulator

The sturdy steel frame has adjustable mounts for wheel, pedals and shifters. Pre-drilled mounting points are all around; this race sim seat is compatible with most major wheel and brands.

GTR racing simulator

Highly active in the racing community, GTR Simulator recognizes drivers of all ages across all classes. The GT Pro Simulator has been designed and tested by professional racers and tailored for racers ages three and up.

Arozzi Velocità racing simulator

The innovative design makes it compatible with almost any gaming or computer chair. This feature allows users to attach a racing simulator to their existing chairs that are compatible with the simulator. Velocità’s compact and light weight design gives the opportunity for easy storage and for gaming on the go.

F1 racing simulator

Built to exactly the same specification as the show cars, this fleet of Formula One simulators also have state of the art simulation technology built in. As used by many Formula one teams, the professional software will give you the most realistic experience possible.

Other honorable mentions would go to NASCAR racing simulator, Motorcycle racing simulator, Bike racing simulator, Office bike racing simulator, Dirt track racing simulator and GTR racing simulator review just to name a couple. Once again, this list is not exhaustive so keep reading to find the very best ones in the market.

Best Racing Simulators You Can Buy

TrakRacer is the world’s leading manufacturer of racing simulators and provides you the best value for money. The products are manufactured by the finest industrial processes as well constant input from a team of highly trained professional. If you looking to setup a virtual racing sim, one that is both affordable and as well as immersive and realistic, then look no further than the following.


The TR160 is stronger than most and top of the line across the many simulators in the world. The walls of the 160x40mm aluminum extrusion used for the TR160 are thicker than other brands on the market. This makes the TR160 a more stable option that you won't need to upgrade again. In addition to the upgraded aluminum profile, steel plates are strengthened for all mounts and attachments including heavy duty 160x40mm Corner Brackets. This makes the TR160 a tank among its competition.

The base structure is a 160mm × 40mm high-end aluminum T-slot extruded profile, anodized in black with oversized structure for added strength. Special anodized black 90-degree brackets connect the frame and laser cut carbon steel plates allow you to attach your peripherals. The TR160 is direct drive & belt drive wheel ready and is pre-drilled for all popular add-ons. It also comes with your option of 2 strengthened wheel mounts for no-flex racing. The TR160 has several add-on options including an integrated monitor stand (for 1-4 Monitors) and button box mount.

The TR160 has been designed with all the experience gained since TrakRacer started in 2008 and has been refined and perfected ever. TrakRacer’s TR160 has infinite adjustment and has the most expandable and rigid components in the business. The strength of the TR160 will ensure no flex is experienced and that there is no loss of force feedback.



View TR 160


The TR80 is an entry level cockpit that is superior in strength and usability compared to the competition. The walls of the 80x40mm aluminum extrusion used for the TR80 are thicker than other brands on the market. In addition to the aluminum profile, steel plates are used for mounts and attachments including heavy duty 80x40mm Corner Brackets. These capabilities make the TR80 truly a force among the competition.

Standard inclusions with the TR80 are the Oversized Seat Mounting Brackets, Seat Rails, Floor Protectors, Universal Gear Shift Mount, Red Profile Strips, Cable Clips, Brand.

View TR 80


The TrakRacer TR8 has been named the Sim Rig of Sim Rigs. It is more than strong enough for direct drive wheels and features an integrated monitor stand. Furthermore, wheel mount, pedal mount and shifter mount are fully adjustable.

Fully integrated with the TR8 is a bolt-on single monitor stand which you can add-on to. The included monitor mount acts as both a monitor stand while you’re driving and can support a 70 inch display. The TR8’s 2" iron construction will ensure maximum stability under race conditions. The dual tubes running up to the wheel mount will ensure you have more strength than you will need.

The TR8 pedal deck gains its strength from the frame on the underside. It is adjustable with its sliding feature up to 100mm and has angle adjustment to get a comfortable driving position. The TR8 is not only stable, comfortable and built to last a long but it also looks stylish!


View TR 8


The TrakRacer RS6 is a fully adjustable machine and features an adjustable pedal plate, wheel mount and bucket seat. The RS6 is predrilled for all the big brands and will see you competing at the highest level.

The RS6's 2" iron construction will ensure stable gameplay with direct drive wheels and more! Aside from the overall stability and comfort, the wheel deck is the stand-out feature of the RS6 with height adjustment and the ability to slide 30mm enabling the perfect grip and angle adjustment to give you the most comfortable driving position.

The RS6 pedal deck gains its strength from the underside of the frame. It is adjustable with its sliding feature up to 100mm and has angle adjustment. The included shifter mount incorporates 2-point slide and angle adjustment.

At TrakRacer, we know you hate movement during competition. Rest assured, our cockpits have been designed and tested alongside the world’s strongest and most professional peripherals on the market.

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The FS3 has the most adjustable wheel mount on the market, along with an adjustable pedal plate and gear shifter. The upgraded FS3 wheel stand isn't just built to be more attractive than its rivals. The structure is completely adjustable from the feet all the way up to the 3-point wheel deck. With such adjustability, the result is a reduction in stress to your shoulders and back while racing.
Bolted to the chassis, the wheel deck on the FS3 will prove to be the strongest amongst its competition. After its overall stability, the wheel deck is the stand-out feature of the FS3. The deck has the ability to slide 30mm for the perfect grip to gives you the most comfortable position.

The industry professionals as well as professional sim and road racers have a big part to play in the design and manufacturing these simulators. Each product brings together the highest quality materials with second-to-none craftsmanship and the latest manufacturing processes.

The aforementioned products are designed and manufactured in Australia, and each one is extensively checked for faults through an extensive safety procedure. This is done to ensure that each racing simulator is ready to be purchased and enjoyed for a long time. TrakRacer’s racing sims are compatible with various gaming systems such as PC, PS3, PS4, PS5, and XBOX One. Lastly, TrakRacer products are made from highest quality materials and offer unmatched durability. For this reason, TrakRacer has the confidence to offer extended warranties of 5 years on all TrakRacer products.


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1. How to build a racing simulator?

You can follow the booklet that comes along with TrakRacer’s products. There is also a dedicated questions and answer section on the website in case of any confusion.

2. What is the best racing simulator?

There is no universal greatest racing simulator but rFactor 2, Assetto Corsa and iRacing are more popular titles. Browse your nearest GameStop and take your time picking one that strikes your fancy.

3. How much is a racing simulator?

The price would depend on what you are looking for. However, as a rough estimate, you can go from $ 1,000 all the way to $ 40,000 and beyond.

4. How to build a racing simulator cockpit?

Get yourself a racing simulator stand from the recommendations above, figure out the peripherals you would need and start building. Rest assured, building a cockpit is much easier when you start working.

5. How to build a full motion racing simulator?

To build a full motion racing sim, you would need a lot of additional parts to mimic the feel of a real sports car. In addition, you would need high end gaming rig, and some virtual reality accessories to truly complete the setup.

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